ROLE Student | PROGRAMS CC Premiere, CC Photoshop​​​​​​​
This video was part of a semester long capstone assignment that included an essay, on-camera interviews with one of the founders, a professor, and a student, a website, and a curated exhibition housed in the Otis Millard Sheets Library. Below is an excerpt from my essay and website containing scanned images from the Otis archives.
"Reaching my final year at Otis College of Art and Design, I knew that the inevitable capstone paper would be coming. My experience could go either way - be a tedious report or a chance to explore something unexpected - fortunately I encountered the latter. In the process of researching student-led exhibition design, I was informed by a professor of mine that Otis once had a design agency right on campus called Otis Design Group (ODG). Amazingly enough, I had no idea it had existed, or that it was called Brooklyn 7 in it is early days, or that it lasted for twenty-two years. I was off researching material, digging through the library's collections of ephemera, and getting in contact the members of this group. I pieced together a history of a class that grew from a small idea and became, something that people came to remember as something special in its days. During the lifespan of the group, 200 students had joined, they went on to win numerous awards, and worked with the likes of the L.A. Department of Cultural Affairs, American Red Cross, Free Arts for Abused Children, and Women Against Gun Violence."
Visit the site to see work from the archives at Otis College of Art and Design.
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