ROLE Illustrator, Animator | AD Stephanie Chan | PROGRAMS CC After Effects, CC Illustrator
This summer, the rise of protests in response to the multiple killings of unarmed Black people and false 911 calls... was devastating. It reignited a conversation around investment in predominantly Black communities. Kilter joined in unison with other agencys' and individuals in promoting our favorite Black-owned businesses throughout Los Angeles. I chose the following establishments: Bloom & Plume Coffee, Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant Market, and The Marathon.

The animation impressed one of our clients so much, we adapted the style for a video of theirs.

I took inspiration from the actual storefronts and logos of the businesses, injecting some fantastical elements to liven the building's design.

Initial sketches for the video. I was originally going to include the dessert spot, Jamz Creamery.

The enthusiastic response from our friends and the broader community.

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