ROLE Animator, Editor, Designer | AD Stephanie Chan and Joseph Prichard | PROGRAMS CC Premiere, CC After Effects, CC Audition, CC Photoshop, CC Illustrator, CC InDesign
A colossal undertaking, I developed the agency's first sizzle reel in 2019. The video features three years' worth of combined effort, spanning printed materials, illustrations, animations, websites, and rebrands. Below is the most recent iteration I edited and animated. Individual credits included below the video.


Unless stated, asset animations are done by me.

00:02 Kidspace Museum, design by Tracy Tran

00:03 Walden School, design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:05 The Webb Schools, web design by Joseph Prichard and Armando Martinez-Celis

00:07 Walnut Creek, designed by me, Tracy Tran, and Armando Martinez-Celis

00:08 City of West Hollywood, design by Joseph Prichard

00:10 City of STEM, illustration by me

00:12 YesVideo, rebrand by Joseph Prichard

00:12 CalArts, design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:14 City of West Hollywood, design/illustration by Joseph Prichard

00:14 Caltech, illustrations by MJ Balavera

00:17 CalArts, design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:18 Kidspace Museum, design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:19 Avaca'Do, design by Emilie Hahn

00:20 Bendable, illustrations by IDEO and animated by Down the Street Designs

00:21 Oakwood School, design by Tracy Tran

00:23 Kilter, illustration by Tracy Tran

00:24 Twist Your Spirits, photography by Leslie Grow

00:25 Drucker Institute, design by Joseph Prichard

00:27 Drucker Institute, animation by RADCOMRAD, illustrations by me

00:28 Open Progress, design by me

00:29 Post Alarm, design and illustration by Tracy Tran

00:31 Katie Porter, illustration by me

00:33 Glendale Tech Week, design by me

00:35 Anchor Bookkeeping, web design by Joseph Prichard

00:36 Vistamar School, design by Tracy Tran

00:37 Scripps College, design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:38 Kilter, illustrations by me

00:39 Children's Community School, footage by Helki Frantzen

00:40 Drucker Institute, illustrations by Emilie Hahn

00:41 Citizens of the World, design and illustrations by me

00:43 Drucker Institute, animation by RADCOMRAD

00:44 City of West Hollywood, illustration by me

00:46 Children's Community School, footage by Helki Frantzen

00:47 Carbon Shack, design by Armando Martinez-Celis and Tiffany Chung

00:48 Post Alarm, footage by Helki Frantzen

00:50 The Webb Schools, logo system by Armando Martinez-Celis, script by me

00:51 Scripps College, design by Joseph Prichard and Jessica Peng

00:52 Kilter, illustration by me

00:54 The Webb Schools, design by Joseph Prichard

00:55 Kilter, Illustration by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:58 Kilter, Logo design by Joseph Prichard

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