ROLE Animator, Editor, Designer | AD Stephanie Chan and Joseph Prichard | PROGRAMS CC Premiere, CC After Effects, CC Photoshop, CC Illustrator, CC InDesign
A colossal undertaking, I developed the agency's first sizzle reel. The video features two years' worth of work spanning printed materials, illustrations, animations, websites, and rebrands.


00:03 Illustrations by MJ Balavera

00:04 Design by Brooke Irish

00:05 Design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:07 Animation by Zoo Crew / Illustration by Joseph Prichard

00:08 Design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:09 Design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:10 Design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:10 Design by Joseph Prichard/Jessica Peng

00:12 Footage by Helki Frantzen

00:14 Animation by RADCOMRAD

00:17 Design by Armando Martinez-Celis/Joseph Prichard

00:22 Design by Joseph Prichard

00:23 Design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:26 Animation by RADCOMRAD

00:29 Design by Armando Martinez-Celis/Tiffany Chung

00:31 Footage by Helki Frantzen

00:33 Design by Armando Martinez-Celis

00:35 Logo design by Joseph Prichard

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