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“The animation by Kilter allowed for a visceral connection to the question being posed by Katie: who do you trust to protect our Orange County jewel — our beaches and ocean front?  In a race that was won by under 10,000 votes, this work mattered.”
—Elizabeth Haynes
Partner, OPRO by Open Progress

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OPRO by Open Progress, a digital media agency for progressive candidates and causes, tapped us to develop infographics and animations for Katie Porter's 2018 congressional campaign. Hoping to connect to a wider audience in the final weeks of the election, we were given drab footage and tasked to enliven the message and to reinforce the message of Porter's platform.

Public Schools in Orange County

After a neck-and-neck race that lasted more than a week after the polls closed, Katie Porter won the 45th congressional district in Orange County, becoming the first Democrat to hold the seat.

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