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“The animation by Kilter allowed for a visceral connection to the question being posed by Katie: who do you trust to protect our Orange County jewel — our beaches and ocean front?  In a race that was won by under 10,000 votes, this work mattered.”
—Elizabeth Haynes
Partner, OPRO by Open Progress

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We partnered with OPRO by Open Progress, a digital media agency for progressive candidates and causes, to develop infographics and animations for Katie Porter's 2018 congressional campaign. Hoping to reach a broader audience in the final stretches of the election, we enlivened drab footage they had taken and injected bold graphics that emphasized Porter's platform.

Public Schools in Orange County

After a neck-and-neck race that lasted more than a week after the polls closed, Katie Porter won the 45th congressional district in Orange County, becoming the first Democrat to hold the seat.

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